I’m Hannah and I’m really stoked you’ve stopped by!

What do I do?

On top of taking photos, I love spending time with friends, reading and watching anything funny on Netflix.

I'm also a photographer for newspapers and magazines. I work for the New York Times, NPR, WSJ, and other national publications. You can check out the other work I do here

The camera is my way of connecting to this world. I want to document the truth and present it to those who may miss it.

What do I believe?

I believe in honest storytelling. I believe in the funny and intimate moments that make you who you are.

I don’t aim for perfect, but I aim for genuine and authentic moments. And I don’t use those words as buzzwords, but as a documentary photographer I let things unfold in front of me and I document reality.

Sometimes life is messy and I don’t attempt to hide it. But I also find beauty in the all the mess and I hope you do too!

Photography is a way to listen and unravel people's stories. Yours is unique and it's worth capturing. 

Currently based in Philadelphia, PA. but able to make my way to wherever you are.

Photo by my husband